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George Jon is an eDiscovery infrastructure, product and process specialist, delivering performant, scalable, fault tolerant environments. We work with global corporations, leading law firms, government agencies, and independent resellers/hosting companies to quickly and strategically implement large-scale eDiscovery platforms, troubleshoot and perfect existing systems, and provide unprecedented 24/7 core services to ensure optimal performance and uptime.

Every element of an eDiscovery platform (hardware, software, disaster recovery, storage, networking) must be designed with scalability, simplicity, performance, and uptime in mind. George Jon offers clients stable and scalable environments for all eDiscovery platforms that maximize productivity and profitability from the time of implementation.

Employing a modular framework that has been tested and perfected over fifteen years of R&D, environments can be scaled to individual client needs, budgets and requirements (storage, compute, application availability, tiering). The best practices developed by George Jon have become the standard for global eDiscovery systems, driving productivity, profits and peace of mind throughout the industry.

The Core Solution

The George Jon Core Solution is a proven, holistic methodology for planning, implementing and maintaining every element of eDiscovery infrastructure. From system audits and hardware/software acquisition to implementation, testing and oversight, the Core Solution has been specifically designed to produce best-in-class eDiscovery environments that are supported and protected by a team of industry experts. Employing a modular framework that enables customization for individual client needs, budgets and requirements, the Core Solution allows first-time users to launch with an optimized environment and existing users to fully optimize live environments. Our turnkey solution sets the standard for eDiscovery perfection.


  • Perfected over 15 years of R&D
  • Proven infrastructure design
  • Unlimited scaling
  • Quick and easy data migration
  • Reliable DR, HA and backups
  • Turnkey hardware/software acquisition and setup
  • Industry leading network security
  • 24/7/365 proactive management
  • Flexible, modular kits using proprietary Dell OEM blocks
  • Longstanding partnerships with leading search platforms and hardware/software manufacturers

Core Services


George Jon will conduct an in-depth study of your eDiscovery infrastructure to establish a roadmap for optimal performance. We’ll examine your projections, workflow, budgets, and pain points to ensure that your infrastructure, applications, and correlative elements are all working in harmony to achieve your goals.


eDiscovery Audits

best practice review

Best Practice Reviews

plan and budget

Project Plan & Budget


George Jon will build and launch your best-in-class eDiscovery environment. From procurement and buildout to data migration and security, we specify, install and perfect flexible systems that grow with your business. Our proven best practices, developed over 12 years of eDiscovery R&D, ensure ongoing perfection.





data migration

Data Migration


Security & Backups

application upgrades

Application Upgrades


Scaling (Up & Out)


To ensure optimal network performance 24/7, George Jon offers Core Management services to proactively safeguard your infrastructure, optimizing hardware, software, backup and storage systems to run at peak efficiency. And most importantly, it’s transparent, all done with minimal needs placed on your valuable time.


24/7 Proactive Management

incident support

24/7 Incident Support


Documentation & Training


Dedicated Team, Daily Updates

remote access

Remote Access


Monthly Maintenance

database integrity

Database Integrity Training

The Core Kit

What is the “Kit”?

The George Jon “Kit” is a synchronized collection of hardware, software and managed services, all specifically designed to provide perfect eDiscovery functionality. Every component in the Kit has been rigorously tested with the other components over a decade of R&D – we understand how every element affects performance and stability, and can thus guarantee an amazing end user experience. Kits are built using proprietary Dell OEM blocks, incorporating our proven best practice methodologies for industry leading performance on every eDiscovery platform.

Consistent design is the key to our performant environments. We deploy an identical baseline configuration for users around the globe which allows us to universally resolve issues.
George Jon Kit

Kit Benefits

  • Universal management of every client system
  • Quick and easy data migration
  • Kits work with any eDiscovery platform
  • Guaranteed flat-rate pricing
  • Painless scaling: start small and grow at any time
  • GJ is your single point of contact
  • Start with a budget-appropriate system
  • Dell OEM manufacturing for optimized systems
  • Kits are only sold by GJ and authorized resellers
  • 24/7/365 professional oversight and security

Base Models

Core Management

Professional Management = Peace of Mind

To ensure consistent network performance with little to no downtime, George Jon safeguards client data infrastructure with GJ360, a proactive managed service that ensures your hardware, software, backup and storage systems are perpetually running at peak efficiency. And most importantly, it’s transparent, all done with minimal needs placed on your valuable time.

GJ360 provides comprehensive problem solving and protective oversight for live eDiscovery environments, every hour of every day. Employing powerful, automated tools, a vast database of known issues, and industry leading technicians, George Jon eliminates costly errors and potential threats before they ever affect system performance. We perpetually query a wide range of client networks, identifying and fixing issues behind the scenes while ensuring a seamless user experience.

The GJ360 support team maintains an internal database of known issues related to scaling, utilization, security, and other relevant data network challenges discovered over 10 years of building and supporting complex systems. This knowledge base is applied to every client network: when we discover an issue with one system, we fix it, log it into our system-wide database, and thus proactively safeguard every client from the issue. This “spider web” of oversight represents enormous savings for clients, as the costs for equivalent manpower, research, and internal monitoring would be prohibitive.

George Jon Oversight

Oversight Benefits

  • Comprehensive database of known issues protects all clients in the GJ360 network
  • Eliminates issues before they ever affect systems, end users or profitability
  • 24/7 emergency support for system failures, security issues and updates
  • Rapidly deployed monitoring software yields reliable data within hours
  • Web-based dashboard for internal IT staff enables monitoring of systems and alerts
  • Achieve Relativity Best in Service (BiS) compliance
  • Fully regulated remote connectivity
  • Documentation and training
  • Dedicated Account Manager and Primary Engineer
  • eDiscovery application-based DBA services

Our Amazing Clients

Whether you are a first-time user looking to build a new eDiscovery environment or a large-scale user looking to perfect and grow existing systems, George Jon offers the experience, expertise and resources to help you succeed both locally and around the globe.


Premium Service Providers

Government Agencies

Government Agencies

Law Firms

AmLaw 200 Law Firms

Big 4 Consultants

Big 4 Consulting Firms

Fortune 500s

Fortune 500 Businesses


Multinational Corporations

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ipro tech conference

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