Enterprise IT


Robust data systems and secure, scalable networks are the backbone of modern business. To maximize productivity and profitability from your knowledge base, you need big thinkers who know how to harness the power of Big Data.

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eDiscovery IT


George Jon is a pioneering data infrastructure specialist delivering stable, scalable, fault tolerant environments for all eDiscovery platforms. We are your expert partner for developing optimized eDiscovery networks.

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Small Business IT


Focus on your core business, and let George Jon mind the technical details. For 15 years, we’ve implemented and maintained reliable, secure, scalable networks that maximize employee output, data fidelity, and ROI.

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What is eDiscovery?


eDiscovery is the data-intensive process whereby law firms and corporate legal departments collect, search and exchange electronically stored information (documents, images, emails, etc.) as part of the legal “discovery” process. The storage and search capabilities of complicated eDiscovery systems require processing of petabytes of data in short time periods – quickly, accurately, and reliably. Data storage and search functions are usually performed using third-party software on internal or external servers.

eDiscovery Solutions


George Jon is a pioneering data infrastructure specialist delivering stable, scalable, fault tolerant environments for all eDiscovery platforms. We work with both end users and independent resellers/hosting companies to quickly and strategically implement large-scale eDiscovery networks, as well as troubleshooting and perfecting existing systems.

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Case Studies


Dell + George Jon

Scalable, secure technologies to support critical eDiscovery software

Strategic Partners

“We began working with George Jon in 2007, and their IT expertise has been a great resource over the years. They have provided solutions for projects of varying scales, from desktop buildouts to server infrastructure work at our datacenter, with reliable service along the way. We would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for a customer-driven team that delivers proven, scalable results.”
George Orr • VP, Client Services • kCura Corporation