You’ve secured your source data. But where else does your data reside?

Today’s hybrid world of eDiscovery requires your data to move between networks and firewalls almost as frequently as it is accessed, with copies spread across multiple platforms and multiple vendors. You’ve secured your source data. But do you really know how secure your data is across your network of providers or to what extent a breach may cripple your business?

GJ’s eDiscovery security team has meticulously planned and built a comprehensive Security as a Service (SaaS) model to handle encryption, access, vulnerability scanning/remediation, security incidents, event planning, and management. We have even built minimum security baselines for leading eDiscovery applications (RelativityNuixBrainspace, an AppGate TechnologyIpro Tech) for optimal security configuration.

We start by conducting a security audit to identify your areas of weakness/concern, working in tandem with your InfoSec team. Or we can immediately deploy our Security as a Service offering and hit the ground running.

Contact us to discuss how we can secure your eDiscovery platform and avoid expensive and debilitating data breaches!