George Jon chooses Dublin as home for its first international office.

Dublin, Ireland & Chicago, Illinois, USA | Wednesday, July 1, 2020 George Jon, Inc. (George Jon), the eDiscovery industry’s leading technology platform and consulting specialist, today announced plans to establish its first international office in Dublin, Ireland, creating 20 jobs in the technology sector over the next three years. By establishing a physical foothold in • Read More »

Virtually perfect: flexible, scalable, affordable hybrid enterprise platforms.

The dream scenario for many eDiscovery users has long been a hybrid ecosystem that enables instant scaling, unlimited flexibility and replication/DR, thus enabling the elimination of costly hardware and ownership expenses. Well dream no more! George Jon is proud to introduce “KaaS” and “cKaaS” platform offerings. Developed in partnership with Dell Faction, GJ’s hybrid “Kits • Read More »

You’ve secured your source data. But where else does your data reside?

Today’s hybrid world of eDiscovery requires your data to move between networks and firewalls almost as frequently as it is accessed, with copies spread across multiple platforms and multiple vendors. You’ve secured your source data. But do you really know how secure your data is across your network of providers or to what extent a • Read More »

Your eDiscovery platform is healthy. What about the team that supports it?

Most eDiscovery platforms supporting major law firms and corporations are serviced by 1-2 key employees who are critically responsible for system health, including app configuration, daily administration, infrastructure monitoring, and maintenance. What happens if they are not at work? As the backbone of your eDiscovery operations, platform continuity is a huge risk in the current • Read More »

Adam Chardukian Joins GJ Leadership Team

As George Jon evolves from a niche business into an international enterprise, it is imperative that we construct and implement a growth strategy aligned with our core principles: providing superior technological solutions and an exceptional customer experience. These aspirational standards can only be achieved when internal procedures and best practices function to fully support and • Read More »

Security & Compliance for Cloud eDiscovery

E-Discovery in Cloud: Security Issue and Compliance Gaps E-discovery serves as a reliable method for organizations in accumulating, preserving and organizing data for legal and regulatory compliance. However, advancements in technologies such as containers have invoked security and compliance gap into the prolonged reliability of e-discovery platforms during cloud migrations. E-discovery embraces the organizational processes, with the • Read More »