Microsoft SPLA, Demystified.

What is Microsoft SPLA?A Service Provider License Agreement, or SPLA, is one of the many licensing programs offered by Microsoft for access to their software product offerings. Whereas other licensing programs offered by Microsoft, such as Enterprise Agreements and Open License programs, allow users to access but not host Microsoft products, an SPLA enables licensees • Read More »

Tips & Tricks: Brainspace Edition

This edition of George Jon’s Tips and Tricks blog explores some not commonly known, yet extremely useful, features of the Brainspace application. Armed with the information from this quick read and a little experimentation, you will be optimizing the security, utility, and throughput of your eDiscovery / forensics platform in no time!  Archiving Datasets Did • Read More »

eDiscovery Tips & Tricks

Brainspace Archiving Datasets Did you know that an archiving feature was added in Brainspace 6.2? This handy feature allows you to isolate and archive datasets, freeing up space and ultimately reducing your active document count. Considering that Brainspace licenses are allocated and priced according to an active document threshold, archiving can reduce purchases of additional/unnecessary • Read More »

Abracadabra! How to ward off evildoers and keep your data domains secure.

Information assets maintained by law firms, corporate enterprises, and third-party service providers are constantly under siege from growing, ever-evolving cyber-attacks. As a member of the eDiscovery community and due to the highly sensitive nature of the data you process and store, your firm has a target on its back and for good reason. eDiscovery and • Read More »

Tips & Tricks: Linux OS Edition

In this edition of the George Jon’s Tips & Tricks Blog series, we will be pivoting our focus to the Linux Operating System. Given that Linux can only (with few exceptions) be accessed via a terminal, many engineers shy away from and/or are intimidated by it. That need not be the case as the following • Read More »

Diving Headfirst into a Tech Career (aka Learning to Swim in the Deep End)

My name is Patrick Ladd, and I’m a full-time undergraduate student majoring in Finance at DePaul University, scheduled to graduate in 2021. I am also a full-time Business Operations Intern at George Jon, the eDiscovery technology and consulting powerhouse. What is eDiscovery, you ask? Truth be told, I asked that exact same question when I • Read More »