Why Buy Technology Now?

We keep hearing about the slumping economy and a market sitting in limbo (or worse) while we try and figure out what’s going to happen next in the business world.


Here’s the thing: the economy cycles. Sometimes we are up and sometimes we are down. But what goes down must come back up — economic Darwinism. Strong companies find ways to reduce costs while executing growth strategies to be increasingly competitive during tumultuous times and thus ideally leveraged for future success.


2011 has been much like every year for the Chicago Cubs – a building year. Our money is on 2012. Spend time evaluating the right technologies, and yes, making investments to leverage your IT resources and your staff’s productivity.


Here are a few reasons you should invest in technology now for a better future:


1. Consistency in best practices: Keep the good things that work and have proven ROI in the past and dump the things that don’t work. So if refresh cycles on your hardware showed a positive return in the past, keep doing it. Having powerful hardware that is under a good warranty is a good proactive measure to take—especially if your IT infrastructure’s warranty coverage is expiring soon, consider new more powerful and efficient servers that are available today.


2. Stay competitive: This is especially true for smaller companies. Technology gives you strategic advantage. SMBs today have access to fantastic and affordable technologies that are easier to adopt than for larger companies. And let’s face it, the SMB sector is going to be where the biggest boom can happen for the economy. Larger companies are in the midst of real internal chaos and that weakens them. SMBs can really leverage technology today and be just as competitive as a F1000 company if well positioned. Plus, as a smaller company, you can be more flexible and quicker to adapt to changing trends and have lower costs to consider.


3. Cheaper in the long run: Money is cheap today. There are many leasing options that are available and banks are looking to lend to good companies. Uncle Sam is also making some tax changes so that companies can make some expenditures and see some benefits. It’s a good time to talk to your accountant about any changes and how they can impact your bottom line. You can finance new hardware, software and even implementation to get new technology in your door without having to put out a boatload of cash out front.


4. The world’s on sale: We’ve seen this happen in the retail sector, it’s the simple basics of supply and demand. There’s a bunch of supply and low demand right now. That means that prices are low and manufacturers are desperate to keep inventory moving. You can get bargains right now and low financing so SMBs can take this opportunity to make lemonade out of lemons. With companies like Dell and Microsoft struggling, it’s a good time to negotiate and invest in smart technologies.


5. Americans love a comeback story: Just like Brittney Spears still has fans, so will the economy. We will bounce back and you want to be the company prepared for the future. This is a time to really hone your skills, learn some new moves, and get in the game. This is the time it’s most crucial to be sharp. You want to be ready when we come out of this slump to go full force and do some catch up.    


It’s at these troubled times that we as people and we as a country show the courage of our character. Burying our heads in the sand isn’t going to change the situation — it will only get us deeper. So lift your head high and learn about new technologies that are developing to help you gain advantage in your industry. From faster PCs, to more energy efficient servers, or virtualization to save space, or adding SANs to be more data efficient, or upgrading to new OS systems that have new productivity enhancements for your staff, or hey, invest in your employees so you can get the most out of your staff. 

As always, your partners at George Jon + Associates are here to help you sort through the latest and greatest technologies to help you stay competitive and ahead of the curve. If you have questions, concerns, or just want to chat about technology, shoot us an email or give us a call. We’re chockful of techy information and dying to share and help as best as we can.