Protect Your Data — the Importance of Backup Systems

September 11th, 2001 was a day that changed our lives forever. It gave us orange alerts at airports and taught us the 3-1-1 rule. If you travel a lot you know what I’m referring to. For businesses it brought even more things to the surface. What would happen to your organization if a disaster wiped out your office?


Fortune 2000 companies started looking into expensive disaster recovery and business continuity planning. For enterprise organizations, it involves redundant networks, data centers and hot sites. It was a very expensive venture but it was built into the next years budgets knowing that there was too much risk to manage without a solid contigency plan.


However, small and mid-sized businesses have the same risks. There may be less zeros on the balance sheets but the importance of staying open and operating is equally important to the business owners, executives and employees of smaller organizations. Post 9/11, innovative companies emerged to produce technologies that would address this very need yet be affordable to the 1.2 million mid-size businesses (100-500 employees) in America.


Double-Take Software is one of those companies that created a product that is affordable to small and mid-size businesses yet offers the same functionality and reliability as F2000 companies employ in their IT infrastructure.  Using Double-Take technology, you can duplicate your servers and data off-site in real-time so that your data and business is safe in the event of a catastrophic physical disaster. 

If you do not have a disaster recovery plan for your business, ask yourself how many days can you go without access to your network? Would your business survive without your IT infrastructure, without your applications, without your data for a day, for a week, for 2 weeks, for a month.  Most businesses would be in trouble within 2 weeks if they lost their data.


Now ask yourself what being able to continue to operate off-site is worth. It’s worth investigating just what your options are and how much that would cost to have the insurance of a comprehensive disaster recovery plan in place. 


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