On-Premise vs. Cloud Considerations for eDiscovery

When it comes to legal technology, there’s no question that the cloud is all the rage today. While the cloud offers many advantages over traditional on-premise software, it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution for everything. While more and more cloud-based solutions are appearing in the e-discovery arena, e-discovery presents some special considerations that need to be • Read More »

Reduce eDiscovery Risks: In-House Processing & Review

Risks are everywhere in ediscovery, but you can do something about them In ediscovery, the ground is littered with landmines. The unwary can be caught up in predictable as well as unexpected risks, from spoliation sanctions to unnecessary settlements to unreasonably high legal costs. Identifying, evaluating, and mitigating those risks is one of the keys • Read More »

On Premise vs. On-Demand eDiscovery Software

Everything seems to be moving to the cloud these days. Should your organization’s ediscovery software be next? While an increasing number of ediscovery software options are cloud-based, there’s still no one-size-fits-all answer. Let’s evaluate the factors that influence whether on-premise or on-demand is the right option for your organization. Setting the Stage In the early • Read More »

Debunking the Myth of In-House eDiscovery

The right mindset makes in-house ediscovery accessible to all Is your mindset holding you back? Ask Google that question and you’ll get over 9 million results — because, all too often, the only thing standing between you and a better future is the way you think. This is certainly true in ediscovery. Many businesses believe • Read More »

Streamlining data backup and speeding eDiscovery

DOWNLOAD FULL PDF : Streamlining data backup and speeding eDiscovery George Jon is a Chicago-based organization that deploys, maintains and monitors hardware infrastructures that support software for eDiscovery — the electronic identification, collection and storage of legal information. George Jon supports infrastructures for popular eDiscovery platforms such as Relativity, LAW PreDiscovery, and Nuix, which are used by more than 400 global organizations. One of the largest Dell • Read More »

Elevate Your Business with GJ Cloud Hosting

George Jon & Associates is proud to offer clients access to robust virtual hosting environments that grow with and adapt to your business and technical needs. We provide turnkey services to align your business goals with an appropriate cloud plan, including migration of existing data and applications, integration of desired new technologies, and ongoing management to ensure • Read More »