GJ360: 24/7 Network Oversight


Tech-dependent businesses require instant, reliable access to millions of files 24/7. To ensure consistent network performance with little to no downtime, George Jon safeguards client data infrastructure with GJ360, a proactive managed service that ensures your hardware, software, backup and storage systems are perpetually running at optimal efficiency. And most importantly, it’s all done with minimal needs placed on your valuable time.

The key to GJ360 is a consistent, replicable baseline network configuration deployed for clients around the globe, including storage, networking, servers, and software. This symbiotic environment allows for system-wide quality assurance testing, enabling us to use the knowledge gained from one client to benefit our entire roster.

The GJ360 support team maintains an internal database of known issues related to scaling, utilization, security, and other relevant eDiscovery network challenges discovered over 10 years of building and supporting complex data networks. This knowledge base is applied to every client network: when we discover an issue with one network, we fix it, log it in our system-wide database, and thus proactively safeguard every client from this issue. This “spider web” of oversight represents enormous savings for clients, as the costs for equivalent manpower, research, and internal monitoring would be prohibitive.

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GJ360 Oversight

Proactive maintenance plan

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The Benefits of Expert Oversight

24/7 Emergency Support

Professional support and immediate solutions for system failures, security issues, critical updates.

Proactive Monitoring

Preventative maintenance alleviates issues before they ever affect systems or end users.

Monthly Reporting & Statistics

Monthly reporting creates a baseline network history and simplifies maintenance.

Web-based Dashboard

Allows internal IT staff to monitor systems and see virtual log of work done by GJ technicians.


Agentless Monitoring

Agentless monitoring requires no additional software, limiting potential issues.

Rapid Deployment

Proven process for integrating monitoring software yields reliable data within hours.

Universal Data Protection

Internal database of known issues protects all clients through our integrated network.

Appropriate Solutions

Escalation procedures ensure that emergency situations are handled quickly and appropriately.

The Monitoring Process

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    1. Install

    To begin, GJ installs a monitoring network and deploys an agentless  monitoring system to capture system data.

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    2. Monitor

    GJ360 team begins  24/7 monitoring of hardware and software systems to ensure optimal performance.

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    3. Manage Alerts

    When a known/unknown issue arises with your network, an alert is sent to GJI 360 and the Client with event details.

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    4. Notifications

    The GJ360 tech team will contact the Client to acknowledge the Alert and explain the course of action for resolution.

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    5. Resolutions

    Once the issue has been resolved, the tech team will contact the Client and inform them, as well as explain what was done.

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    6. Global Application

    We adjust our core database of alerts to ensure proactive handling of the issue in the future, protecting all clients.

“We didn’t have the proper hardware, so the software wasn’t working well for us. Since George Jon came on board, we haven’t had any performance issues at all. The platform is monitored around the clock. Without that, I’d need two full-time IT people. But with George Jon monitoring our environment 24×7, we don’t have to worry about it.”
Dan Northrop / Partner / Streamline Imaging