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Network Infrastructure for Big Data


Robust data systems and secure, scalable networks are the backbone of modern business. To maximize productivity and profitability from your knowledge base, you need big thinkers who know how to harness the power of Big Data. George Jon delivers stable, scalable, fault tolerant environments for data intensive users around the globe. From planning to implementation, we custom design systems to fit budgets, meet goals, optimize functionality, and maximize profits, for today … and tomorrow.

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    Big Data users can’t afford to endure poor performance from unreliable networks and inflexible data systems. George Jon works to streamline every aspect of your IT infrastructure: when servers, storage, networking and security work in harmony, performance soars.

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    George Jon employs a replicable baseline network for clients of all sizes. The core requirement of our architecture is modular scalability with little to no downtime. Clients can start with a two server cluster and limited storage capacity, but maintain the limitless ability to grow incrementally.

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    George Jon’s tech professionals and industry leading security partners enable clients to focus on their core business and avoid costly data and security issues. We proactively work to eliminate issues before they ever affect users, and employ leading DR/HA systems to ensure data fidelity.

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    George Jon offers a 24/7 monitoring process and Help Desk that proactively safeguards data systems. We uniquely employ a standardized baseline network configuration, which allows us to implement system-wide fixes that eliminate problems before they ever affect your business.

How do GJ Networks outperform the competition?

One Baseline Configuration

Consistency plays a major role in maximizing the potential for equipment to help our clients run optimized, profitable networks. We uniquely deploy one proven baseline configuration for clients around the globe, including storage, networking, servers, and software.

This symbiotic environment allows for comprehensive quality assurance testing, and hence allows us to bring the knowledge gained from one client to benefit our entire roster. In turn, this level of cohesion is what leads to the superior levels of uptime, optimized performance, and unparalleled service that our customers expect.


Inherently Scalable Design

George Jon employs a modular framework that allows customers to start small and add hardware/components as needed, rather than trying to predict the future (re: incur unnecessary expenses) and speculatively purchase equipment. Our clients can start with a two server cluster and minimum storage, with the unlimited ability to grow incrementally as needs and performance dictate.

 Successfully scaling highly complex Big Data networks is a unique achievement made possible by our baseline network, technical expertise, and industry leading partners.

Global Experience

George Jon is an expert in implementing and managing complex international data systems. We have worked with multinational corporations around the globe to plan local networks, order hardware/components, install systems, integrate necessary security measures, and support the installation, both on-site and remotely.

We offer proven solutions for safeguarding sensitive data and work with industry leading partners to ensure that your data is always protected and in regulatory compliance with government standards.


World-Class Security

George Jon understands the paramount importance of keeping client data safe and secure. We monitor networks 24/7 through our GJ360 Program and proactively maintain systems to eliminate problems before they ever affect your network

We also offer clients the peace of mind that comes with world-class oversight. Our strategic partner, Dell SecureWorks, is a global data security leader, protecting IT assets, ensuring compliance, and reducing costs associated with building and maintaining internal security teams. They bring unparalleled security expertise and threat intelligence to your operation.

We brought in the experts from George Jon to perfect our core operations and improve efficiency of our infrastructure. After reviewing our systems, they made comprehensive recommendations for both short-term fixes and long-term growth and performance initiatives. Simply put, they got our systems humming like never before. We have extensively utilized their 24/7 maintenance and support programs which ensure that our entire eDiscovery ecosystem is optimized, scalable, flexible, and most importantly, profitable. Their work has very little impact on our live functionality and is transparent to our customers, which provides peace of mind for smooth, uninterrupted operations.

Dan Northrop / Founding Partner / Streamline Imaging LLC