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In the high pressure world of eDiscovery, users can’t afford to tolerate unreliable networks and inflexible data systems. Time equals money. When instant, reliable access to millions of files is required 24/7, every aspect of eDiscovery network infrastructure must be designed with performance and uptime in mind. Database/web/directory servers, storage, networking, and security/virtualization software must all work in harmony. Storage and search capabilities must be able to process petabytes of data in short time periods – quickly, accurately, and reliably.

George Jon is a pioneering data infrastructure specialist delivering stable, scalable, fault tolerant environments for all eDiscovery platforms. We work with law firms, Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and service providers to quickly and strategically implement new eDiscovery environments, as well as troubleshooting and perfecting existing ecosystems.

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What is eDiscovery?


eDiscovery is the data-intensive process whereby law firms and corporate legal departments collect, search and exchange electronically stored information (documents, images, emails, etc.) as part of the legal “discovery” process. The storage and search capabilities of complicated eDiscovery systems require processing of petabytes of data in short time periods – quickly, accurately, and reliably.

Data storage and search functions are usually performed using third-party software on internal or external servers, often using outdated hardware with diminished capabilities. George Jon works to perfect eDiscovery infrastructure, working with clients to ensure that critical data is always functioning at peak performance.

eDiscovery Network Design & Implementation


Infrastructure Planning & Design

Your eDiscovery system must consistently deliver peak performance to ensure productivity and profitability. George Jon will mesh your goals, usage/performance requirements, existing/planned hardware systems, tech requirements, and known compatibility issues to build a roadmap for implementation. Planning includes software, hardware and manpower as well as best practice installation techniques. We offer a “dream network” configuration for new users, or can perfect existing systems.


Hardware Acquisition & Setup

George Jon will order and deliver every hardware/software component for your project. As one of the largest Dell Premier Partners in the country (top 50), and a partner to many industry-leading vendors, we bring you the best technologies available. After we physically build out your network and properly install all components, we’ll thoroughly test the network, integrate high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) systems, and prepare the hosting environment for launch.


Seamless Migration

George Jon facilitates quick and easy migrations of existing workspace data (databases, native documents, images, and search indexes) into your new system. What can be a cumbersome and time-consuming process is expedited by the experts at George Jon – we will have your data in place and functioning in a few minutes. This is a huge benefit for hosting customers whose clients are actively using the system and require little to no downtime. We facilitate seamless, invisible transitions.


Intelligent Growth

All infrastructure in a George Jon network is designed to be inherently scalable, so your network will always be able to grow with your business. We understand that making significant capital investments in hardware before it generates revenue is not always feasible. Every hosting environment configuration we present will allow for basic needs to be met while integrating componentry that supports future growth in all facets of your business, including data size, performance, and reliability.


DR, HA & Backup

Our comprehensive knowledge of eDiscovery workflow, from SQL and web servers to clustering and network load balancing, allows us to design and implement High Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR) systems that protect you from costly downtime and data loss. Our custom designed hosting environments are modular, with every component scalable and fully redundant to guarantee system fidelity. We ensure that your data is always backed up and can be quickly restored in the event of an emergency. We also incorporate and continually test multiple DR/HA systems for every network so that the backbone of your business is 100% protected.


Proactive Support

We understand the challenges you face every day: performance fluctuations, environment outages, service degradation, space and performance limitations, data overload, and more. Our eDiscovery certified administrators are available 24/7 to help you quickly resolve issues. Furthermore, our use of a consistent network platform enables us to universally implement fixes and updates/upgrades on all client systems before they ever become an issue.

eDiscovery Platforms & Clients


George Jon is “software agnostic” and can enhance performance for any eDiscovery software platform, including:

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EDT Discovery


George Jon works with a wide range of clients. The common thread is a desire for optimized eDiscovery performance.


Service Providers

AmLaw 200 Firms

Fortune 500s

Big 4 Consultants

Government Agencies

“As a company that processes e-discovery, hosts data for clients and creates and supports software for other e-discovery vendors, we have diverse, and sometimes competing, IT needs. GJ’s assistance has been invaluable in helping us design and erect an infrastructure that is readily scalable to accommodate  these needs and more, and their understanding of IT security has helped us immensely as we have worked towards ISO27001 certification. They have also given us more, and more valuable, feedback regarding the performance and capacity of our systems then we ever received.”

Brian T. Wolfinger | VP, E-Discovery & Forensic Services | lDiscovery