Condusiv: 25% Virtual Machine Boost with V-Locity 4

By Steven Burke   / CRN
December 07, 2012    4:19 PM ET

Condusiv Technologies is upping the ante in the virtualization market with a guaranteed performance boost of at least 25 percent on virtual machines for its new V-locity 4 product. The virtual storage software, which will be formally announced on Monday, comes with a money back guarantee if the minimum performance boost is not met.The new offering is the first product built from the ground up by the Burbank, Calif., software maker, formerly Diskeeper, to attack the fast growing virtualization market, working side by side with VMware and Microsoft (NSDQ:MSFT) Hyper-V virtual platforms.

Condusiv CEO Jerry Baldwin, a channel savvy veteran who took the helm last September, renaming the company and building out a new robust channel program, said V-locity 4 propels Condusiv into the midmarket where CIOs have found themselves making hefty hardware purchases to overcome I/O storage bottlenecks.The product, more than a year in development, has been receiving rave reviews from more than 150 beta testers who have been putting the product into IT environments plagued by performance bottlenecks, said Baldwin.

“Customers are seeing 60 percent, 100 percent and 200 percent increases in virtual machine performance,” boasted Baldwin. Instead of trying to solve the I/O bottleneck problem by throwing more hardware at it, in some cases spending tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars on new systems, customers are seeing huge virtual machine performance increases at only 10 percent of the cost of the new hardware, said Baldwin. Referring to the 25 percent performance boost guarantee. Baldwin said: “When was the last time an enterprise software vendor guaranteed performance on its product: never! We are so confident you can get 50 percent or more performance increase, we flat out guarantee it!”

For 50 servers with 200 cores and 50 percent faster performance, the price for V-locity 4 is $30,400, according to Baldwin, avoiding $380,000 in additional storage hardware.George Nedwick, the owner and CEO of George Jon & Associates, a Chicago, Ill, e-discovery enterprise solution provider, said V-locity 4 is part and parcel of every e-discovery solution from George Jon & Associates.”We deploy it from the get go,” said Nedwick. “They have really great technology. The big bonuses are it is easy to deploy and manage from a central portal. We have customers with 500 VMs and we manage it all from one spot, making sure none of the VMs fight with one another. When you are spending $200,000 on infrastructure, you don’t mind spending more to make sure fragmentation doesn’t play a role in negative performance. This keeps our virtualization environments defragmented.” Nedwick estimated that for every $100,000 e-discovery infrastructure sale, he sells $3,000 to $5,000 in V-locity product.

Baldwin promised six new products that will be brought to market by Condusiv in the next year, rounding out its midmarket/enterprise portfolio, including a software-defined networking product. “We want to solve the same problem with network bandwidth,” he said. “We are moving from the virtualization environment to the networking environment, building out the entire performance and bandwidth vision and story.”