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Let’s Meet @ LegalTech!

As we embark on a new year of forging eDiscovery perfection for the legal market, we eagerly look forward to attending Legaltech in NYC from January 30 – February 1. We love to talk with clients and eDiscovery users to learn about the challenges facing companies, users, and technology providers, and how we can provide solutions to enhance productivity and profitability.

Our team of experts will be available throughout Legaltech and want to hear about the challenges facing your business and how we can better serve you!  Please contact us to schedule a one-on-one meeting (send a few date/time options that are convenient for you during, before or after the conference):

See you in New York!

George Nedwick and the rest of the GJ crew

Michael Amaral joins GJ executive leadership team


Chicago, Illinois | April 11, 2017

George Jon, the leader in modular, scalable infrastructure for eDiscovery environments, has announced the hiring of Michael Amaral as Vice President of Operations and Business Development. Mr. Amaral is a noted thought leader and industry advocate with 15 years of experience in the electronic data discovery industry, having functioned in an executive capacity for both technology platforms and service providers.

Mr. Amaral will be responsible for expanding the footprint of George Jon’s service offerings to leading law firms, premium service providers, multinational corporations and government agencies. He will also work as a liaison between customers and the technical team to ensure optimized, appropriate solutions.

“We are thrilled to add an individual with such broad experience and technical aptitude to our team,” says George Nedwick, President of George Jon. “I look forward to watching him drive growth in our core markets while disrupting internal processes to stimulate innovation.”

Mr. Amaral’s previous experience includes working as Director of Business Development for Nuix, a leading eDiscovery software platform, and as CTO for eDox, a prominent eDiscovery data processing service provider. With roots in technology delivery and operations management, Mr. Amaral has held numerous ownership and leadership roles in the tech world.

“I am very excited to join a George Jon team that is pioneering a new way of implementing, growing and maintaining highly specialized, high-demand data ecosytems,” says Michael. “I love the challenges inherent in promoting technology. Touting a service that reduces hassle, improves performance and boosts the bottom line will be an enticing pitch to prospects.”

About George Jon
George Jon uniquely delivers stable, scalable, fault-tolerant data processing environments for all eDiscovery platforms. Serving data-centric, highly demanding clients, George Jon quickly and strategically implements industry leading eDiscovery environments, as well as perfecting existing ecosystems. For more information, please visit


Contact Information
Kaya Kowalczyk
Director of Business Operations, George Jon
(312) 850-4320

Optimized Relativity Infrastructure for Superior Performance

Optimized Relativity Infrastructure for Superior Performance

George Jon is an e-discovery data infrastructure specialist delivering stable, scalable, fault-tolerant environments for all e-discovery platforms. George Jon works with law firms, Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and service providers to quickly and strategically implement new Relativity environments, as well as perfect existing ecosystems.

When instant, reliable access to millions of files is required 24/7, every aspect of Relativity network infrastructure (hardware, software, backups, storage, and networking) must be designed with performance and uptime in mind. George Jon offers clients a tested and proven system for building optimized Relativity infrastructure that maximizes productivity and profitability from the time of implementation.

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George Jon: Gold Sponsor of Relativity Fest 2016

George Jon, the industry expert for perfecting e-discovery infrastructure, today announced its sponsorship of Relativity Fest 2016. Relativity Fest is an annual e-discovery conference featuring hands-on Relativity training and educational sessions led by industry experts. Last year’s event hosted more than 1,500 attendees from around the world and featured three days of content, a panel with some of the country’s most distinguished judges, and a presentation by Khan Academy founder, Sal Khan.

As a Gold sponsor, George Jon will be leading two hour-long breakout sessions by organization experts. In addition to co-sponsoring the farewell reception, George Jon will also be a featured guest in the Community Pavilion, the main exhibit floor open to all attendees of the conference.

George Jon is a pioneering data infrastructure specialist delivering stable, scalable, fault tolerant environments for optimized Relativity performance. George Jon works with PHPs, law firms, Fortune 500 companies, and government agencies to quickly and strategically implement new Relativity environments, as well as troubleshooting and perfecting existing ecosystems.

George Jon will have a number of experienced infrastructure specialists present at Relativity Fest to discuss common issues, best practice solutions, and custom infrastructure design with Relativity users looking for improved performance from their data systems. To pre-schedule a meeting time with a GJ Infrastructure Specialist, please visit

Relativity Fest 2016 will be held October 9-11 in Chicago, IL. To learn more about Relativity Fest and how to participate, visit

Streamlining data backup and speeding eDiscovery

DOWNLOAD FULL PDF : Streamlining data backup and speeding eDiscovery

George Jon is a Chicago-based organization that deploys, maintains and monitors hardware infrastructures that support software for eDiscovery — the electronic identification, collection and storage of legal information. George Jon supports infrastructures for popular eDiscovery platforms such as Relativity, LAW PreDiscovery, and Nuix, which are used by more than 400 global organizations.

One of the largest Dell Premier Partners in the United States, George Jon standardizes on Dell technologies,
including Dell PowerEdge servers, the Dell PowerEdge FX2 server chassis, Dell PowerEdge VRTX, Dell Rapid Recovery backup and recovery software, and Dell Storage SC Series and PS Series arrays. George Jon also uses Dell Networking S60 switches, taking advantage of their extreme buffering capabilities of close to 2GB to enable the company’s iSCSI storage arrays to scale. The company also uses Dell Networking S6000 switches to support 10GbE PS Series customer deployments.

Additionally, George Jon uses Dell vRanger software for high-speed backup and recovery of clients’
VMware and physical Windows Server environments, and Dell LiteSpeed for SQL Server for high-speed SQL Server
backup, compression and restore.

The company has specifically developed expertise in integrating Dell Storage with VMware® VSphere® virtualization software. “We’re definitely a big Dell Storage PS Series shop,” says George Nedwick, the company’s owner and principal architect. “The PS Series fits very well in eDiscovery, because eDiscovery providers never know how much data they need tomorrow. They only know what they need today. The PS Series gives us
the ability to scale and always be two steps ahead of our customers’ storage requirements.” George Jon also relies
on Dell SonicWALL NSA Series firewalls to protect its customers’ environments, enable secure access and allow an
easy-to-manage global firewall for all its customers.

Increasingly, George Jon has sought to respond to the challenges its customers face with large data sets.
“Our customers need to support millions of small data files, each one up to 25K in size,” says Nedwick. “When
you have that many files, the metadata chokes most backup applications for customers with NTFS and Windows
environments.” Although George Jon usually addresses this problem by using Dell Rapid Recovery, there are
instances where the company cannot use that solution. “Rapid Recovery works with Windows file servers, and
we sometimes have customers who use other technologies,” Nedwick says. In addition, many of George Jon’s customers who use the kCura® Relativity® eDiscovery platform occasionally needed to perform time-consuming,
full-text SQL indexing.

Business Benefits
Streamlines data backups
George Jon is using the Dell Storage PS Series plug-in and VVol to streamline backups for customers with large data sets. “We can use the Dell Storage PS Series plug-in and VMware, along with Dell vRanger, to virtualize and easily back up customer files,” says Jon Biggs, senior infrastructure engineer, George Jon. “We can still give those customers strong backup performance even when we don’t have the luxury of using Dell Rapid Recovery for some reason.” The company also continues to utilize Rapid Recovery for continuous block-level protection of data files,
along with Dell vRanger to protect non-data drives and VM configuration.

Speeds eDiscovery indexing with on-demand cloning
The organization is also testing the use of on-demand VVol cloning to enable faster indexing with eDiscovery tools for information workflow and litigation. Using VVol rapid cloning, George Jon can temporarily deploy additional Elasticsearch client and data nodes to increase indexing speeds. “We’re planning to run a scaled-down version of the Hadoop big data framework, which has multiple data nodes and indexes stored on different shards,” Biggs says. “When those indexes run low on space, we can use the VVol rapid cloning feature to fire up new nodes quickly and give customers more capacity instantly.”

• Provides better visibility into virtual environments
George Jon also has the ability to view more detailed per virtual disk metrics PS Series SAN HQ product, and the company can view VMs directly from within the PS Series SAN HQ management and reporting tool. “We can get a much better view into individual VMs using PS Series SAN HQ, which improves our ability to troubleshoot customer
environments,” says Biggs. “We can easily see how each VM is performing, instead of only being able to see the data store as a whole.”

• Enables more flexible storage and cluster design
The company’s vSphere cluster designs are also benefiting from the reduction in iSCSI connection count. “The VVol Protocol Endpoint feature has helped us when we had to worry about the number of iSCSI connections,” Biggs says. “For example, we had an environment with 20 VMware servers, all connected to storage volumes. And we had 20 LUNs on the storage pool, which overloaded our connection count. When using VVol, all iSCSI connections are to the Protocol Endpoint, regardless of the number of volumes used, dramatically reducing those connections.
As a result, we could scale new VMware clusters larger without having to spend time separating everything out.”

George Jon plans to continue to expand its use of VVol alongside the Dell Storage PS Series. “Our relationship with Dell gives us the ability to create amazing, scalable solutions for our customers, and the support we get
from Dell on all those products is great,” says Nedwick. “We’re looking forward to seeing how we can use our Dell solutions to help meet our customers’ challenges.”

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