12 Steps for Staying 1 Step Ahead of Online Security Threats

By Andrew Browne / TechNewsWorld Pop-up windows are a common form of online advertising and often appear so quickly that users are caught offguard. However, some pop-ups, when clicked, trigger spyware that can cause serious damage to computers. That’s why it’s important to never click “agree” or “OK” to close a pop-up window, and only • Read More »

Windows 8 Server Core Promises Cheaper Clouds

By Paul McDougall / InformationWeek  March 21, 2012  Stripped down version of Windows Server 8 aims to significantly reduce storage costs for organizations building private clouds. Microsoft has enhanced Server Core in Windows Server 8 to make it more flexible and user friendly, and as a result the company says organizations can save thousands of dollars – • Read More »

Detect and prevent today’s sophisticated malware threats

By Dennis O’Reilly March 20, 2012 10:49 AM PDT Internet thieves are more organized and more technically savvy than ever before as they concoct insidious software designed to let them separate you from your valuables. Users and ISPs must work together to keep them at bay. Today’s malware purveyor bears little resemblance to the outcast-teenage-loner caricature • Read More »

Dell to Acquire SonicWall to Expand Network-Security Tools

By Beth Jinks March 13, 2012 Dell Inc. (DELL), the world’s third- largest maker of personal computers, agreed to buy SonicWall Inc. to gain network-security and data-protection tools, paying a price that analysts peg at between $1 billion and $1.5 billion. SonicWall, based in San Jose, California, had revenue of about $260 million in the past • Read More »